Our plants

Our plants

PGNiG TERMIKA has five plants: Kawęczyn Heating Plant, Pruszkow CHP Plant, Siekierki CHP Plant, Żerań CHP Plant and Wola Heating Plant. They produce about 40 mil GJ of heat, which covers 70% of Warsaw’s demand and 60% of the demand of Pruszków, Piastów and Michałowice.

Coal is the main fuel that we use in our CHP plants. However, it is being gradually replaced by biomass from energy willow - which is more environmentally friendly.

We distribute the heat generated by PGNiG TERMIKA in Warsaw via Veolia’s district heating system, and in Pruszków and the surrounding municipalities - via our own district heating system.



PGNiG TERMIKA Group currently includes six thermal plants of the company Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej Jastrzębie in the Śląskie Province: Jastrzębie thermal plant, Knurów thermal plant, Racibórz thermal plant, Rybnik thermal plant, Wodzisław thermal plant, Żory thermal plant. Additionally, NYSAGAZ Sp. z o.o and Zakład Separacji Popiołów Siekierki Sp. z o.o. – founded jointly with Lafarge Cement SA.